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Spring brings new beginnings

Last week was the first day of Spring. As you can see, it has been six years since I have written a blog entry and last weekend I made the commitment to start writing again. I have missed sharing my thoughts in this venue. I have come to love facebook, but I'm finding that I desire a greater opportunity to share my wishes, thoughts and hopes for my life and my world. 

This spring, I'm finding myself most excited about the opportunity to become a beekeeper. The journey has started. I have purchased some quality equipment from Brushy Mountain Bee Supply. I've built and painted the hive box and built frames with wax foundation. My friend Suzy, a great beekeeper has shared her thoughts and helped me build my first frame. I went to bee school. It was sponsored by the Durham Beekeepers Association and was held every Monday evening at Sarah Duke Gardens. Now I'm waiting for my package of bees that I've ordered from Big Oak Bee Farm in Raleigh.

Some other new beginnings for me to report. Over the winter, I have started to fall in love with stranded knitting; more specifically Fair Isle knitting. I did a few tams for holiday gifts and they turned out great. I've taken on another, more complicated tam with close to 11 different colors. I've signed up for a fair isle sweater design class in Berkely, CA in late summer. I'm sure I will be sharing more thoughts and pictures over the next few months. 

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