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Spinning the threads

I've been reflecting a bit over the last 24 hours about the grant I just submitted to the Department of Labor. It was a grant that I wrote that focused on reintegrating homeless veterans into employment. While not directly benefiting the organization I work for, it would bring in about 10% of my salary. I would be responsible for the evaluation piece.

The reason I've been reflecting about this is because it relates to the work I did last month that focused on a proposal for one of my classes that was based on some actual interviews I was doing with chronic homeless men. I've been interviewing some of the ment who were part of a chronic homeless employment initiative. The interviews have been absolutely fascinating and I've gathered lots of great data. I've also written a proposal to interview 20-30 more chronic homeless men about their experiences in seeking employment. I only submitted it for a grade and got a 97% mind you. Not bad eh? Anyhow, it was a really great research proposal.

So, why am I reflecting? Well, I finished up all of my coursework. No more time in the classroom for this PhD. However, I've been thinking about this blog, and the purpose of spinning the threads together. Over the years, I have worked hard to spin together the magical and the mundane, and that is lifelong work. However, I'm finding it is time to really spin the threads together of the academic and professional lives.

I love working in a human service agency. I love doing research. I love qualitative research. I love writing the proposals and then writing about the results. I love connecting with clients. I love supporting human service agency staff. It is time to begin to manifest my next work. It is time for me to create the magical intent of weaving the parts together. That said, it is imperative that I finish the actual dissertation. Now that coursework is done, the temptation will be to rest a bit. However, I can't. That doesn't mean that I can't be smart about how I do this next layer of work. So I'm reflecting on what is the project that would bridge both my current professional work with my academic interests? That is a big question and important for me to answer in the next few weeks.


A treat from the yard


A feel good moment

You know every once and a while things come along on the Internet that make you feel good. Well, this video and song just make you feel good.



The last two weekends I have been writing. I've been working on a paper for a class. It was actually a treat to write, believe it or not. I got into the process. When I turn the paper in, I have completed all the coursework for the PhD. I still have to write a small paper, take a speciality comprehensive exam, and write the proposal for the dissertation by August 31. I have a busy summer ahead.

Anyhow, I was talking with friends last night and I was telling them that I have three dissertations in my head/body. That's interesting. All I need is one. What is good about that is that I have choices. It also is about beginning the process of manifesting my new work. I have to develop a body of research that I work on, and the beauty of where I am right now suggests that I have multiple ideas and opportunities. The paper I'm going to hand in, I hope to turn into a small research grant to the National Institute of Mental Health. I think it is a possibility.

All of this makes me think about writing and the importance of trying to do it every day. Now, if you look at my blog. Well, one can see that I haven't been able to do that here. However, I'm not sure blogging is the place for the academic, thought writing that I need to do. I don't know though perhaps it is. Anyhow, I'm not talking about journal writing either.

I've been thinking over the weekend. How does my writing become a daily practice? A practice that has both joyful moments and moments where it is just work. I'm not sure.

Just some jumbled thoughts for the day.


Hmmm...If people really only knew about my witchy side

So I have to share with you a series of fun emails that have occurred over the last couple of days. There is only one person at work that knows about my spirituality. Many suspect, only one really knows. Anyhow, this is an interesting read. It makes me wonder what is up? It's kinda cool actually.

Email #1

Hello Team,

Our green broom has been swept away and we can’t find it!

It has a skinny gray handle and green bristles.

Anyone seen it?

Reply to Email #1 from coworker who doesn't know about my own spiritual leanings (only one person on staff where I work does).

Ifound it... I saw Stan Holt fly by a few minutes ago over the Capitol Building when I was exiting from daytime mass at Cathedral down the block....

Email #1 Response

Thanks, we saw the same thing when someone passed through the silhouette of the moon on it the other night (we weren’t sure who it was though). However, we still haven’t been able to locate it since!

Reply to Email #1 Response

Maybe Stan Holt on the skinny gray green bristled broom is like Elvis... I've seen him hundreds of times .. He's all over the place. ..Or Stan Holt on the skinny gray green bristled broom is like the Gnome that's been photographed on his trips around the world 10 times ... around the Hornfive times and to two county fairs.. I can see it now, a  legend in the making: "Oh Stan.. with that legendary skinny gray green bristled broom... cleaning up after us all...I've seen him.. .. He's all over the place."